Patriots Day WOD

Video – 9/11 Tribute Workout at the Pentagon 

Complete in Teams of 2:
2001 meter row
175 KB Swings (55,35) (represents Flight AA 175)
125 Burpees (represents those who died in the Pentagon on 9/11)
110 Thrusters (45,35) (represents the number of floors in each WTC Tower)
110 Overhead Barbell Lunges (45,35)
93 Box Jumps (24,20) (represents Flights 93)
77 Deadlifts (135,95) (represents Flight 77)
**Reps broken up as 9 and 11 as partners see fit



  • This WOD was a 9/11 event hosted by CrossFit South Arlington and CrossFit Pentagon. The event took place at the Pentagon (See Attached Video)
  • The CCF community will perform this workout in memory of those lost on September 11, 2001.
  •  Today is a long, high volume workout performed in teams of two (reps should be broken as 9 and 11). One partner works as the other rests.
  • This is a long WOD and must be approached in that manner. Make sure you are scaling appropriately so you and your partner can push through the WOD at an appropriate pace. See scaling options below. Before attacking the WOD, you and your partner should talk about how you are going to go about breaking up the reps into 11 and 9 before heading into the WOD.



  • Movements and reps should be scaled to meet the abilities of the athlete below are scaling options:
    • Individuals can perform less reps
    • KB Swing – Russian KB Swings – lower reps
    • Burpees – Modified Burpees to Box – lower reps
    • Thrusters – Lower thruster weight – lower reps
    • OH Barbell Lunge – OH Plate Lunge
    • Box Jumps – lower height, lower weight, lower reps
    • Deadlifts –  lower weight, lower reps

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