Strength/Skill WOD

WOD Scaled


Weighted Pull-Up


Running Technique

Running Warm Up

10 Rounds

100m Sprint

90 Seconds Rest

Between Each Round

10 Rounds

75m or 50m Sprint

90 Seconds Rest

Between Each Round


  • Following our warm up we will kick off the class with a little strength of weighted pullups. During this portion of the WOD you should warm up up sets of higher reps before you go into your first set of one, then make small jumps in weight, working up to one heavy set of one.
  • If you are unable to do pull-ups, you can use bands, but challenge yourself with the bands you are using. Another option is ring rows with a larger incline. The pull-ups should be a challenge.
  • Following the pull-ups we are going to jump into a sprint WOD of 10 rounds, 100m sprint 90 seconds rest between each set.
  • We will take some time to do warm up sets before jumping into our 10 rounds.
  • Depending on the athlete, each sprint should be between 10 and 20 seconds. Scaling for this WOD would be decreasing the distance or intensity. At Rx, this should be at a high intensity to evoke the correct stimulus. If you feel your intensity dropping reduce the distance.
  • Another option is to reduce the rounds.  

Scaling Options:

  • Weighted Pull-ups – Pull-ups – Banded Pull-Ups, Ring Rows (adjust Incline to make more demanding)  
  • Sprint – Reduce distance (75m or 50m Sprint) – Or – Reduce intensity to a hard run/jog
  • Reduce number of rounds


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