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We love expanding our community and welcoming new people into our gym. Stop by any of our Fitness Classes for a class if you are visiting. If you plan on staying longer but do not want to sign up for a month membership, daily passes are $15 a person.

New Members:

It’s easy to get started! All you have to do is take the first step by signing up for one of our “Foundations” classes and you will be on your way to your best fitness ever. You don’t need any prior experience or be at a certain fitness level to get started everyone is welcome.

We offer all new guests an opportunity to observe or participate in a class before signing up for the foundations class. Stop in during a Fitness Class at CCF and meet the coaches and our community.

The CrossFit Foundations class is essential to beginning CrossFit training at Columbia CrossFit.  The Foundations class consists of 3 sessions and are held at the convenience of the member and scheduled as individual training sessions. Each class is 1 hour in length.  During the training sessions, new gym members will be instructed in CrossFit methodology, movement skills, weightlifting form, and will be required to perform entry level CrossFit workouts to begin building the foundation of fitness necessary to complete the CrossFit classes.  These entry-level sessions will allow the athlete to phase into the CrossFit gym weekly class schedule without feeling “lost” in class, while greatly reducing the risk of soreness that often accompanies new workout regimens.

Those planning on entering the Level 1 class do not need to sign up for the Foundations Class but must graduate out of the Level 1, determined by the coach, prior to participating in the Fitness Class.

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