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Columbia CrossFit’s program and community is for everyone. Each class is under the supervision of an experienced certified CrossFit Trainer. Our staff are able to modify the workout of the day to meet the needs of any member in our gym.

All classes are 1 hour long and include a warm-up, mobility, movement practice and prep, high intensity workout and cool down

Our program combines a variety of functional weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio movements into our daily workouts which gets results.

Whether you are an athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Columbia CrossFit will help you reach your fitness goals.

Columbia CrossFit

106 CT-66E, Columbia, CT 06237



Getting Started

New to CrossFit

All members who are new to CrossFit are required to participate in our Foundations Program. The program is four 1:1 hour long personal sessions with a trainer to provide all new members with an entry level understanding of the movements and how to appropriately scale workouts to meet their needs.

Previous CrossFit Experience

All members joining who have had previous CrossFit experience are required to perform a 1 hour personal session with a coach to support the transition to a new CrossFit Affiliate.