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CrossFit Classes

We offer CrossFit Classes for A wide VARIETY of Age Groups to ENSURE thAT THE classes are meeting the needs of the Adults, Teens and Children who are PARTICIPATING in our Program.


CrossFit Class:

Our Daily CrossFit class is is all the fitness you need encompassed into one hour. This includes a warm up, mobility, movement prep, our Workout of the Day (WOD) and a Cool Down. We do all the programming and coaching so you can focus on showing up and getting a great workout. We strive to make an exemplary hour of your day that you look forward to.

CrossFit Teens:

Our CrossFit Teens class follows the same foundation principals of our standard CrossFit class with a heavy emphasis on movement mechanics. We make the class fun, motivating and relatable . Our teen classes are for teens ages 12-17.

CrossFit Kids:

Our CrossFit Kids Class is Fun through Fitness. We teach children the importance of regular physical activity and support children in becoming better movers, setting the foundation for sports or individual activities throughout a lifetime. All classes include an engaging warm up, skill work, short workout and games. Our kids classes are for Kids ages 7-12.

Open Gym:

Open gym times are limited during the day and are used primarily for members who want to work on additional skills or to get in a workout they missed. It is also a time for people who participate in the sport of CrossFit to participate in additional programming.