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Patrick Stone


July 12, 2020

Your Lack of Planning will Build your Excuses!

In my last post, I talked about the idea that, fit people are not motivated they are disciplined. “They have built the habitual foundation to thrive through a strong diet and exercise routine.” But this disciplined routine is not something that happens by accident, it must be planned and scheduled. The number one excuse people give in not committing to a diet and exercise routine is TIME!

I completely understand and I am empathetic to this reality. I am a full-time teacher, gym owner, CrossFit coach, husband, father etc... TIME IS MY MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE which often disappears or will be taken by others if I do not prioritize it and protect it. To build the strong habits of diet and exercise, it must be planned and scheduled, otherwise the world will attempt to take it from you. Let me share how I prioritize my time and maybe it will help you.

MY DAY IS SUNDAY! It’s not a rest day, it’s a planning day. I adapted a strategy from Brian Tracy’s  book called “Eat that Frog”, which is a great quick read around  time management. Every Sunday I sit down “old school” pen and paper and write down all of the things I need to do over the course of the week. Items for school, items for the gym, coaching classes, family commitments, errands, food prep, working out..etc.. From there I label the items A,B,C and D regarding their importance and always start with letter D:

D = Delegate: are there items on my list that someone else would be willing to take care of to open   up my TIME (which is my most precious resource)

A = Top Priority (Most Important and will move the needle of your life in a positive direction)

B = Secondary Priority (Items that are important, but are not as important as your top priorities)

C= Third Priorities (It’s ok if I don’t get to it)

After organizing my list, I start filling my calendar (outlook) but you should use whatever tool works best for you with the A-Top priority items. For me this often includes the following (family commitments, important work related items and diet and exercise) My diet and exercise routine must stay as an A item each week because it will have a direct impact on how I feel in my day-to-day and will have a direct impact on all the other A – items in my life. Once all of my top priority items are in place, then I begin filling in the B = Secondary Priorities and C = Third priorities. I also need to be flexible with my schedule, and come back to and adjust each day, but the A items need to remain as the priority and allow the B and C items to have more flexibility.    

Now planning and scheduling is not a one size fits all and what works for me may not work for others. However, there must be a plan to your week to move life’s needle that is guided by your top priorities which must include a strong diet and exercise routine 5-6 days per week. Fit people are disciplined and keep diet and exercise as a “Top Priority” when building their weekly schedule. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin  


Coach Patrick Stone

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